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Tune in to Unmasked with Sheila Kay, an exciting and unique Christian based television show. The focus of the show is purposely enjoying life without the burden of pretending to be perfect. God created us as humans, and wants us to let Him be Divine.  The Son has indeed set us free; we don't have  to hide behind unrealistic perfection. As such, Sheila Kay takes the lead in taking off her own masks and inviting viewers to join her in doing the same.

Look forward to inspiration, information, and fun as only Shelia Kay can deliver. Among the upcoming are a variety of special guests, insider information about Sheila's books and testimonies, interactive episodes where viewers can participate, and unexpected surprises. "Unmask" is a "keeping it real show" promoting healing with spiritual counsel, humor, and a relaxed atmosphere   Now streaming on Amazon Fire Tv and Roku on the Paradigm Television Network.  

Paradigm Television Network Unmask With Sheila Kay
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Episode 1

Meet Sheila Kay. Learn about the author and her vision for the new show. Ms. Kay explains "masking" and her passion for helping others to remove masks they have hidden behind in a quest to be perfect. The episode emphasizes the importance of "being human while letting God be divine".

Episode 2

When a Mask Turns Lethal. Sheila Kay shares her personal testimony of using a mask to hide trauma which led to a harmful conclusion.

Episode 3

COVID 19 Pandemic: A Pastor's Perspective Part 1. In the first of this two-part series, Ms. Kay interviews Pastor Joseph Jackson in a lively and insightful discussion on the impact of the Coronavirus in the Christian community and beyond.te

Episode 4

COVID 19 Pandemic: A Pastor's Perspective Part 2.  Pastor Joseph Jackson addresses the needs of people without a church connection. He also reveals a powerful word of God regarding the effect of the virus on the world now and in the future. 

Episode 5

Translating "Churchspeak". Do Christians sometimes confuse, lose, or frighten people outside the church with the way they speak and behave? Sheila talks about this may be possible when we are simply trying to spread the gospel.

Episode 6

The Aftermath of the Murder of George Floyd. Sheila Kay and guest Dr. Walter Sims engage in an insightful and lively discussion about the personal and public consequences of increased racial tension in the past and present.

Episode 7

"Oh Sister: We Unite to Celebrate our Strength".  An engaging and informative interview with Demetria Bilbrew, Author of "Helpful Helpmeet" and founder of the inspirational group "The Praying Wives Tribe." Topics include supporting Black women and practical scriptural advice about living in turbulent times.

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