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It's Double Down Day!

Due to scheduling issues, today I have to work with my personal trainer for twice as long as my usual sessions. Now, I really do accept that I need to exercise regularly. But truthfully, I don't enjoy it nearly much as say...writing and reading. So I'll share that I was not exactly thrilled about the prospect when I opened my eyes this morning. That is, until I decided to motivate myself and view the situation as a reason to celebrate, like a holiday. Why not? After all, there are hundreds of unconventional holidays on the calendar. National Apricot Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day...anything goes.

As I started my morning I thought about how many extra sets and reps she would have me do. I resisted the temptation to cancel and forced myself to think positively. I thought, I'll call it Double Down Day! I liked the sound of it. As I played with the idea in my mind I was inspired to honor my special day in other ways. Maybe I will double my study time, meditation, or attention to family today. I invite and challenge everyone to enjoy today twice as much as yesterday. Put in two times the effort to do something positive in your life. Better yet, create your own special day and celebrate it to the fullest.

It's Double Down Day
Celebrate each new day twice as much as the last!


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