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Breaking News and Broken Hearts Again

This post is dedicated to men, women, and children who actually live behind the catastrophic headlines.

Incredibly solemn news stories break hearts and spirits every hour of the day. Globally, media reports consist of nonstop broadcasts about killer weather, murder, terrorism – an endless parade of life changing events that have a monumental impact on families that are directly affected. Even those of us fortunate enough to be distanced from these tragedies feel a measure of sadness and sympathy for the people we see on the small screen. For some of us, fear tries to creep into our thoughts. What if we meet with a disaster that turns our world upside down?

The good news is that millions of compassionate observers take immediate action to assist their fellow human beings. We applaud brave and selfless people who are able to physically touch the lives of victims in person with help, support, and resources. Thanks goes out to the generous souls that send needed items and money from far away. The praying multitudes are priceless; prayer is the most powerful, effectual asset that exists. The truth is, the concept of helpless is not in our vocabulary since everyone has something to offer hurting strangers.

Although we don’t have the luxury of thinking these things only happen to other people, it is wonderful to know we don’t have to live fearfully looking over our shoulders. Despite what we hear, we can enjoy the good days of our lives and be thankful for each minute. We have practiced the art of freely helping others. It will come back to us if the need arises.

Help is a shape-changing object; it takes on limitless forms and knows no boundaries of space or time. I know you continue to do your part, in your own way, each time we get news of disaster. There’s peace and blessings in your investment.

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